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is an Organization working in the field of alternative and complementary medicines and therapies. We are engaged in providing a suitable platform  for a new approach to medical treatment. We all know that there are different medical systems of treatment all over the world. Some of them are – Allopathy, Homoeopathy, Acupuncture, Ayurveda, Unani, Yoga and Naturopathy etc which are popular in society. Doctors of each system of treatment claim to have efficacy and try to rank them at top, but the fact is different. Every system of treatment has its own scope and limitations. These can be very effective within the scope. Unfortunately the followers of different systems of medical treatment trying to make their way of treatment complete as a whole.  But it is never possible. Not a single way of treatment is complete in itself. All have their own limitations.

Our new approach of medical treatment is based on the following facts : –

  1. There are so many effective systems of treatment having glorious history for the healing the suffering humanity. They have been popular in different times and different parts of the world.
  2. Any single mode of medical science is not capable of providing complete health care for suffering humanity.
  3. Some medical modes of treatment are very effective for the cure and relief of the acute diseases where as some are in chronic diseases.
  4. Some are very effective in treatment of bacterial diseases where as some are in improving resistance power of the patient to fight with the pathogenic invaders.
  5. Some medical techniques are suitable in saving the life of a patient when in danger where as some are in curing the diseases by their root.
  6. Some ways of treatment like surgery is the safest way of the treatment where gross pathological change has taken place and medicine is being ineffective.
  7. Some ways of treatment work through the blood vessels. Crude drugs taken by the patient goes to gastro-intestinal tract and absorbed by the intestines to reach the blood stream. Blood stream carry it to the site of action to produce the effect of the drug and ultimately symptom reliefs.
  8. Some treatment works through the nerve when it is taken it is absorbed by the tongue and mucus membrane of buccal cavity and it goes to the brain through nerve to overcome the disease.
  9. Some modes of treatment remove the insulation of the nerve system and allows energy to flow properly. Here disease is relieved by maintaining the proper supply of the energy flow in the body.

On the basis of the above facts we can say that there are many effective modes of medicines and therapies prevailing in the world. They are popular in the different parts of the world in different time. Many of them are recognized by the governments of different countries and international health organizations. They are found to be very effective if the diseases are under scope of the treatment mode and vice versa.

Different modes of treatment have different principles. Some times the principle is just against to each other too.

Now a days, government of most of the countries and international health organisations have recognized many systems of treatment on the basis of their merit.

WHO has recommended more than hundred modes of treatment on the basis of their efficacy. Among them Allopath, Homeopathy, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Yoga, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Unani etc have proved their efficacy in the treatment of suffering humanity.

In India also, different systems of treatment are effectively serving the suffering humanity. We can find many clinics by different names. In govt. Hospitals and private sectors ,arrangement has been made to provide treatment facilities to the patient by different disciples of medicines and therapies.

But the question arises, how to select most suitable treatment’s way for a particular disease and  for a patient individual.

So we are in a need to establish a system, with the help of which most suitable way of treatment can be chosen for a particular disease and patient individual on comparison

With our 25 years of experience in medical field, we have organized 100 of free treatment camps, Health fairs, seminars, and even world congress in India and Nepal. With the above experiences and scientific work we have identified and established some points. On the basis of which, most suitable treatment for a particular ailment on comparison basis can be well chosen.

SHARDA SWASTHYA MISSION provides a new approach to treatment by following ways….

1. Treatment : With the help of case history, pathological test, constitution of the patient, depth of the disease, mental symptoms, heredity, heat and cold relations, solar plexus, causes of ailment etc, we can choose most suitable treatment way for a particular patient . As far as possible we choose non-medicinal (crude drugs) way of treatment at first like acupuncture, homeopathy with high potency , acupressure, naturopathy, yoga etc. Crude drugs can relief the symptoms but it is dangerous for the living once. We use the medicines which has power to increase the disease curing and protecting power of the human beings. The crude drugs is useful in emergency cases but its use should be minimized up to maximum extent.

2. Pre-Diagnosis :“Prevention is better than cure” is an old proverb and it is the only way to provide health for all.  Prevention is very important way to achieve the goal to health for all. Pre-diagnosis means to know the name of diseases or conditions from which anyone has to suffer in future. With the scientific study of some signs, symptoms and points tender to human body surface, solar plexus and heat-cold relation etc, we can identify the present and future diseases of patient, and a suitable simple advice can be made him/her to get rid off the coming condition or ailment. It can help us in prevention of diseases as well.

3. Selection : of most suitable mode of treatment based on comparative study. Any certain treatment way is not capable to cure and relief all diseases. So it is better to choose most suitable way of treatment for a particular disease of a patient individual. Sometimes a patient is not getting benefited in specific treatment he/she used to go to another treatment systems and so on. We are, here, in the position to select most suitable treatment way for a particular condition of a patient individual on comparison basis.

4. Rx Swasthya Patrika (Magazine):It helps people to get aware about the new approach to medical treatment.

5. Training :It is essential to pass on the concept into new generation. It also helps the patient to know the best treatment system for his/her ailment.


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