Sometimes we become sick, we face difficulties in doing our routine work. Our willing and feeling also get disturbed. A sick person needs to get overcome of his/her problems. For this, treatment is required. Treatment is a process which helps a sick person to be cured. We can either cut short the disease producing power or increase the defence mechanism of the patient to get cured.   Here we can divide the treatment in to two parts:


  • Internal treatment- Every living one has one’s own immune power and a defence mechanism which helps them protecting from diseases  or helps in curing of disease condition. That is why some diseases are cured itself without external medical aid.
  • External treatment- If immune internal power and defence mechanism is inadequate, it require some external medicines and technique to cure the ailments.

External treatment ways can be classified as follows-

  1. Treatment by crude drugs.
  2. Treatment by dynamic remedy
  3. Treatment by acu- stimulation
  4. Treatment by surgery
  5. Using Balanced diet and healthy food habits.
  6. Spiritual power and meditation.
  7. Exercise, yoga and by changing life style.
  8. Removal of poisonous substance from the human body.
  9.  Supplement of nutrients required.
  10. Excretion of waste materials.
  11. Immunization to prevent diseases



Abovesaid eleven ways can provide medical help to the suffering humanity. All the ways have different scope and limitations in the curing the diseases. Even sometime their principles are contradictory to one another. Allopathic, Ayurvedy, Tibbi and Unani uses crude drugs to treat the patients.

Homoeopathy uses dynamic power to cure the patients.

Some medically identified points on the surface of the human body, if stimulated by suitable ways can provide curative help to the suffering humanities. This medical technique is used in Acupuncture, Acupressure, Yoga and Naturopathy.

The conclusion of the above facts are-

  • There are different ways of treatment prevailing in the world which are popular in different time and different place of the world.
  • Many of them are recognised by governments of different countries and some of them are recognised internationally by the international authorities.
  • Their principles are not the same. Sometime they are against to each other.
  • Their sphere of action and mode of action are also different.
  • Not a single way of treatment mode is complete and can cure all diseases. All are partial.

The facility of different medical treatment is made available in the hospital by the government of the different countries of the world.

People avail the treatment according to their choice and faith. If a treatment is found ineffective or insufficient then patient turns to other mode of treatment way in search of relief and cure.

Will not this be better to choose most effective way of treatment process for a particular patient for their particular stage?

Although, this is not an easy task. But it can be done by giving attention on the following points-

  • Minute study of scope and limitation of different disciples of available medical treatment.
  • Research on sphere of action of different treatment way.
  • Physiological and pathological lab test of the patient.
  • Constitution, desire and aversion, disease maintaining cause and family history may help in this regard.
  • Pre diagnosis by acupressure points.
  • Energy level and their condition in whole living body.
  • Root cause of disease
  • Heat and cold relation
  • Solar Plexus condition.

SHARDA SWASTHYA MISSION is an organization working in the field of alternative and complementary medicines and technique. Our work is not in the limitation of a single way of medical treatment. We use to take the advice of different specialist for different treatment ways for a particular patient. We choose a single or combination of treatment way for a particular patient at a particular stage on the basis of comparative study of scope and limitation of available treatment way.

Our Treatment Process-

We provide treatment specially for CHRONIC DISEASES. It is somewhat lengthy but it can cut shorts the treatment time and beneficial for all dimensions.

      Followings are the some points which we follow in the treatment procedure:

  1. Registration of the patient
  2. Procurement of informations
  •   Case taking form
  •   Video conferencing
  •   Hints from guardians
  •   Parameters
  •   Pathological test

3.Arrangement of complete informations and it will send to the physicians of different disciples as required

  •  Physician of allopathy
  •  Physician of homoeopathy
  •  Physician of unani
  •  Acupuncturists
  •  Acupressurists
  •  Ayurvedacharys
  •  Yogacharys and others as required 

      4.Now selection of treatment procedure will be choosen and managed according to Detailed advice of  different physician

  1. Scope and limitations of treatment disciples
  2. Nature of the disease
  3. Depth of the disease
  4. Constitution of the patient
  5. Age of the patient
  6. Past history of the patient