Pre-Diagnosis & Prevention


Present medical system cannot achieve the goal of health for all. Many new diseases are being identified day by day and we are investing a lot of money in making vaccine and antibiotics against the disease. Immunization program is also not easy in the country like India which population is about more than 125 crore. Poor Country like India cannot afford costly antibiotic and vaccines. When we become sick and is diagnosed as a certain disease needs to be treated with expensive treatment system. The present treatment system is not only expensive and exhausting but it also produces side effects to damage our immune system.

The old proverb,”prevention is better than cure “is now a day has become necessity. Whole world is looking toward this and trying to achieve in this direction.

Develop country and reputed health organization is proceeding towards health promotion, vaccination and awareness programm for the prevention of diseases, but it is not enough.

India is very rich in this connection. From very ancient time Indian culture shows many measures taken in this subject. Yoga, meditation, way of worship, massage, taking of “massalas”, worship of different medicinal plants and animals etc. Indian traditional way of treatment, ie. Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy are very rich in providing prevention of diseases. Acupuncture and acupressure are also originated in India but now it coming from china because it is being developed in china. Acupuncture and Acupressure have also good scope in the prevention of diseases.

About 90 years ago penicillin was invented in England then after age of antibiotic started ,it become very popular and is widely accepted in the world due to its quick effect to relive pus formation and infections.

But now a day we have observed that higher antibiotics are producing incurable side effects and we are trying to avoid the antibiotic as far as possible.

Today we have become aware of it and searching alternate way of treatment which will safest one.

Pre diagnosis means identifying the diseases from which a person may have the possibilities to suffer in future.  if it is possible , it will help in prevention of diseases up to maximum extent.  For an example a person is living with the patient of tuberculosis, is more prone to suffer from the same etc. So if we identify the person who is prone to tuberculosis we can prevent him/her by useful vaccination and by adopting hygienic conditions.  It will also cut short the treatment expenditures as well as suffering of the individual.

In modern medical science i.e., Allopath, it believes that bacteria and viruses are the main causes of disease. So, here prevention is done by vaccination.

                                When a person is vaccinated by a particular vaccine prepared from particular bacteria or virus it produces antibodies against them and these antibodies will prevent the person from that particular pathogenic attacks.

 Now a day, vaccination is playing a good role in prevention of disease caused by bacteria and virus. But some vaccines are very costly which are beyond the reach of common people and many required vaccines have not been prepared yet.

             In the same way Homoeopathy belives that PSORA, SYPHILIS and SYCOSIS are the main causes of any diseases . these are called MIASM. Hence, the anti-psoric, anti-syphilitic and anti-sycotic remedies can be used for the prevention of diseases to protect persons from the ailments in future.

    Homoeopathy is very beneficial for the pre diagnosis and prevention of the diseases.

 Constituitional remedies like miasmatic drugs can also be helpful in this regard.

It is very difficult to prevent chronic diseases but homoeopathy has the ability to do it.

Accupunture believes that to maintain a good health or to prevent the disease a bio-energy i.e., known as “Qi” (pronounced as “Chhi”) runs very fast in our body  to connect different cells  to provide proper energy and requirements.  So, it is believed that retardation and obstructions in flow of energy is the main cause of diseases. So, the disease can be prevented by identifying or pre diagnosing the causes which are responsible for retarding or stopping the flow of energy in a particular area.

To maintain a good health and normal functioning of the body many elements are required they may be vitamins, minerals, oxygen along with essential nutrients in a certain amount . Some diseases are caused by their deficiency or by their surplus quantity. They can be prevented by maintaining their proper quantity.

Accupressure or reflexology can play a good role in pre diagnosis and prevention of diseases. The concept of this therapy says that there is a reflex action of every organ of the body can be seen in palm and sole of the person.

The conditions of points of palm and sole can describe the condition of that organ which is related to.

In Ayurveda and some other paths, it is belived that 5 elements are responsible for maintaining the condition of health. Their deficiency and surplus can affect the health conditions.

Even the modern medical science with very expensive features are not adequate to fulfill all the requirements of the good health. Even the developed countries using massive funds are not able to achieve the goal of healthy health.

Although they have overcome on few diseases which are usually caused by bacteria and viruses up to certain extent but these countries are flooded with the diseases like diabetes , high blood pressure , obesity , mental disorders, cancers , allergic problems, kidney problem and heart diseases etc.

Side effects are also observed of these modern techniques which cannot be denied.

The need of today is to prevent the diseases naturally in spite of investing on the cure of diseases, which can only be achieved by pre diagnosis.


To well illustrate it divide the ways of treatment into two

  • The treatment way which works against our resistance power or immune system

  • The treatment way which work along our resistance power or immune system which is also known as vital force and Qi.

The treatment working against our resistance power can provide quick relief but it always produces side effects. Although, sometimes, it can play a good role in saving the patient life.

In the other hand treatment working along our resistance power is safer, never producing side effects but sometime it takes time to effect.

As conclusion, to pre diagnose and prevention of disease we are here to break the bar of different way of treatment  and to use all.

By observing different way of treatment SHARDA SWASTHYA MISSION, established a unique system with the help of which we will able in recognizing some signs and symptoms which indicates certain disease which is manifested a long earlier then the disease occurrence. On the basis of this pre-diagnosis, we can prevent the disease.